Raffles Lease

A global leader in leasing tank containers to transport and logistics services companies

Established in 2006, Raffles Lease manages and offers for lease a range of tank containers optimized for global logistics.

With the company’s strategic ownership by Streem, experienced management as well as robust systems and procedures, Raffles Lease enjoys access to capital to support the ongoing purchase and leasing of container equipment.

The business is managed from Hamburg, Germany with offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Dubai and Houston.

We are well equipped to meet your worldwide container requirements with a flexible and customer focused approach.

Key Figures

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    Tank containers in the fleet
    A growing fleet.....every year
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    In the business of container leasing
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    Average age of containers in the fleet
    Continually investing in and renewing our fleet
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    To be the industry leader in providing tank containers to transport & logistics providers

A global team of experts dedicated to providing the highest level of service before, during and after the lease experience.

Tank containers built with advanced safety components, including baffles, ground operated vapor return lines and B-style walkways.

Operational Headquarters: 

Raffles Lease

Elbberg 6b
22767 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 300684796

Raffles Lease Company Overview

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"Our Account Managers and Customer Service contacts provide a fantastic service from start to finish."

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