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Services to support the leasing process

Raffles Lease offers a number of support services to simplify the tank container leasing process for our clients.

Raffles Lease Extranet

An online platform for customer access to key technical documents, contract data and testing information

Experienced Customer Service

Raffles Lease is staffed by a team of experts in tank containers with decades of experience in operating tank containers

Global Office Network

Six offices strategically placed in Europe, Americas, Middle East and Asia Pacific and staffed by a team of tank container experts.

Telemetry - Remote Container Monitoring & Tracking

Container tracking with the latest technology to monitor temperature, pressure, location and other variables on their containers.

Global Fleet Inventories

Tank containers available for immediate lease around the world in primary container operating regions

In-Service Maintenance Guidance

Globally located technical and tank maintenance experts ready to provide information and guidance on tank repairs, testing and modifications

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Learn about the benefits of ISO tank leasing. Here’s a list of advantages to be considered:

Financial Benefits :

  • With ISO tank leasing, there’s no capital investment for your business.
  • Leasing Tank containers reduces your maintenance costs . Your company benefits from our worldwide depot network for maintenance and repair of the equipment.
  • Raffles Lease, as a worldwide company, offers a global availability of tank containers – Sourcing the tank in the right location can reduces logistics costs. You lease tanks when needed and where needed.
  • When leasing equipment from Raffles Lease, your company benefits from Streem’s global buying power for containers, parts and services.
  • Leasing is commonly classified as an operational expense, eliminating the need for capex approval.
  • Conserves capital for significant cash requirements such as plant infrastructure, staffing, research & development, etc.
  • It reduces business risk if needs change.

Operational Benefits :

  • Leasing offers flexibility in a business world that is always changing
  • Leasing guards you against obsolescence of the asset
  • Your commitment in terms of duration of the project is limited to the contract term
  • Leasing is supported by value added services to take the pain out of managing your fleet of tank containers
  • Leasing enables an optimized supply chain. Quickly and easily increase or decrease your fleet based on current needs.
  • Leasing tank containers that can be used for transportation or dedicated storage, a multi-functional asset.
  • Provides flexibility to on-hire/off-hire at locations around the globe to alleviate trade imbalances.
  • Allows you to remain focused on your core business

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"Keep doing what your doing, focusing on customer service and keep showing your passion for the industry which is clear to see."
Source: 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey

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