35000 Liter Swap Bodies

An optimal tank container for logistics service companies looking to move larger cargo volumes

Our largest capacity tank container is optimized for chemical grade and food grade transport in areas with higher weight limits for road, short sea or rail transport. Available for lease in Europe and Southeast Asia.

This model of tank container is also suited for transport of liquid products that are considered “light” with a lower specific gravity. Our 35000L swap bodies optimize payloads for products in this category.

These containers come equipped with baffles, cleaning ports, full coverage walkways, collapsible handrails and ground operated vapor return lines as standard safety components.

 Our global inventory of equipment, supported by a network of experienced personal and a global fleet management system, deliver the confidence you are looking for in a leasing partner. Our team of technical experts are here to support you with any questions you may have on our equipment.


Lightweight design: 4440 kg

Dimensions : 7820 mm (L) x 2520 mm (W) x 2670 mm (H)

Insulated and fitted with heating and cooling coils

Tank material : 4.4 mm equivalent reference steel thickness, 316L stainless steel

Approvals : UN Portable tank including (T11 IMDG, RID/ ADR-L4BN), CSC UIC, TIR and other local approvals.

Beam type design

Working pressure: 4 bar/ 58 psi

Bottom valve: 80 mm / 3 inches – 45° foot valve + stainless steel butterfly valve with 3 inch BSP thread and cap. European manufacturing.

3 x 300 mm cleaning hatches and 1 x 500 mm manway to facilitate easy cleaning of the inner barrel


Baffles for surge protection

Ground-level operated vapor return lines

Fitted with three closures on the bottom valve to reduce or eliminate the chance of any product spillage

Pressure relief valve set to open and close in case of over pressurization

Fusible link for automatic valve closure in case of fire

Valve boxes on the top of the tank with drain tubes

Emergency valve closure cable on the side of the tank

Full coverage walkways built of marine grade aluminium

Grounding connection

Collapsible handrails

Rockwool insulation in 50 mm thickness with aluminum foil, where possible and protected by GRP cladding

Heating/cooling coils with 10 longitudinal runs, 12.6 m2 effective heating surface and 6 bar working pressure

Digital temperature gauge fitted as standard equipment

Design temperature: -40 C to 130 C (Loading temp up to 150C)


Corner castings with standard twist lock connections

Approved for rail transport in Europe

Built for short sea and barge logistics

Utilized for over the road trucking domestically and across borders

Maximum Gross Weight of 39000 kg

31000 liter capacity

Siphon tube (top discharge)

Various valve options

GPS tracking and telemetry systems for product and container monitoring

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