Sustainability, Safety Commitments and Values

The tank container is a reusable asset that commonly has a useable life of twenty years or more. Stronger and safer than any other mode of transport, tank containers are a global transportation vehicle. Raffles Lease is committed to corporate responsibility and sustainable development through the Ethical Charter and the SAFETY, QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY of our parent organization, Streem:

Safety and Sustainability

Each year Streem releases a report on the group’s environmental impact and sustainability efforts. The report provides a comprehensive overview of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance through the description of the actions we have taken to embed sustainability across our operations and the provision of a comprehensive review of KPIs in areas such as occupational safety, carbon emissions, employee well-being and gender equality.

Sustainability Report

Raffles Lease has a committment to strong values and understands our responsibilities to our employees, clients, supplier partners and the environment where we work. Learn more about committments and responsibilities through our parent company, Streem.

Committments and Responsibilities

As a member of ITCO, the International Tank Container Organization, Raffles Lease actively takes part in the promotion of the tank container industry to the public and the governmental bodies. Since its establishment in 1998, ITCO addresses safety, regulatory, technical and environmental issues. Learn about ITCO’s study that determined that tank containers leave a significantly lower carbon footprint versus shipment in drums.


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